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A Nationwide leader in Vocational Evaluations and Life Care Plans where one receives professional, experienced consulting services for individuals with a myriad of disabilities.


  • Over 19 years’ experience
  • Involved in 5,000+ forensic evaluations and Life Care Plans
  • Plaintiff and defense attorney clients were awarded over $383M in verdicts and settlements from a sample of 55 cases
  • Retained as an independent expert in 7,000+ Social Security Disability hearings
  • Headquartered in Georgia and available nationwide
  • In-person, home visits, video and teleconferencing assessments
  • Admitted to various federal and state courts as an expert witness

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MTBM Global Rehabilitation

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors

Vocational Rehabilitation, Vocational Counseling & Vocational Training Skills

MTBM Global Rehabilitation is a company that was founded on a passion for helping individuals find their purpose in the workforce. We specialize in helping people with disabilities get the support needed to find employment. Through vocational training and career counseling, the team at MTBM is determined to encourage consumers to locate, obtain and maintain employment. As advocates for people with disabilities, MTBM was founded in 2006 to enhance the qualities of life for individuals through empowerment to offera wide range of services listed below:

MTBM Global Rehabilitation Expert Witness Services

Other Expert Witness Services:


Qualified Vocational Services

MTBM is staffed with certified rehabilitation counselors and certified vocational evaluation professionals with certifications from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Our specialized services are designed and proven to address one’s exact needs associated with training and placement.

When working with MTBM, consumers have the confidence knowing that they are in the hands of the most qualified, experienced and – most importantly – passionate professionals in this industry. Our desire is to acknowledge one’s goals and assist them in attaining and maintaining employment.

Vocational Evaluation Services

You have the drive and the willpower to work, but perhaps you’re unsure where or how you can contribute. Our vocational evaluation services are strategically designed to help you obtain a deeper and greater understanding of your abilities, applicable experiences and functional impact in a professional setting. Realizing what you’re capable of, where you can best fit and how you can contribute to the local economy is a rewarding process that will make a profound difference in your professional and personal life. The results achieved with MTBM are why we continue our services. We’re grateful to help in this way and passionate about providing these beneficial services.

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultation

Our vocational rehabilitation consultation services are designed to help individuals with disabilities or who have suffered injuries that limit their professional effectiveness. Having worked with individuals in countless industries, our process is designed to equip and enable you to once perform at a level that will satisfy an employer, empowering you to enter the workforce and make a positive impact while positively contributing to a company.

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