Social Security Disability Cases

Social Security Disability Cases

Social Security Disability Services

Employability Expert Services in Social Security Disability

The use of a vocational expert is a vital component in assisting the attorney or non-attorney representative in documenting the claimant’s ability to perform substantial, gainful work activity. MTBM provides employability evaluations in Social Security disability cases in the Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee areas.

Social Security attorneys and non-attorney representatives turn to MTBM for answers to determine their claimant’s ability to perform substantial, gainful work activity and to provide a report that details the vocational aspects of the case using Social Security disability terminology. Having worked with numerous attorneys over the years, our comprehensive vocational evaluation reports and experience help them better prepare and prove their Social Security disability cases through our objective vocational assessments. As leading professionals in the field, MTBM has given presentations to the National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns and the National Association of Disability Representatives.

Employability Evaluation Process

Our vocational experts can perform an assessment of the employability of a Social Security disability claimant using a four-part procedure consisting of document review, standardized diagnostic vocational interview, vocational testing and labor market research.

MTBM’s evaluations are executed with a reliable, valid and accepted methodology (Daubert) in Social Security disability hearings. The claimant’s physical and/or emotional limitations are documented through the use of a residual functional capacity evaluation completed by a physician. Our professionals use this medical information and the claimant’s age, education, previous relevant work experience, aptitudes and transferable skills analysis as a part of the evaluation process. Our vocational expert will classify the physical demands of a claimant’s previous relevant work using the results of the employability evaluation to formulate an opinion as to the claimant’s ability for substantial, gainful work activity.

Hearing Testimony and Consultation

We work closely with the Social Security disability attorneysor non-attorney representatives to assist them in preparation for the administrative hearing. Consultation is available for hearing preparation and assistance in the cross-examination of the government’s impartial contract employability expert to achieve a favorable decision. Our vocational experts will be able to provide you with the information needed to document the employability issues in your case.

Contact MTBM for Social Security Disability Cases Services

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