Personal and Social Adjustment Training (PSAT)

PSAT Services

Each situation is unique. One vocational impairment may differ from another, which is why we have developed a program that is designed to strengthen the intangibles that often times determine employability. Our personal and social adjustment training (PSAT) services help an individual develop or re-establish the personal and social behaviors that are typically required to enhance an individual’s candidacy for a professional position. Personal and social skills are not typically listed on a job listing, but missing these essentials could be the difference needed to land the job.

What Do PSAT Services Include?

Depending on the individual’s needs, circumstances and pre-existing abilities, our PSAT services can involve a wide range of trainings. For the process that best equips the individual with the material covered, our PSAT services are instructional and can be provided individually or in small groups. Our trained, educated and certified rehabilitation professionals are passionate about enabling individuals to succeed in the workplace, which is why we have developed this proven training program.

PSAT services may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Community living
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Health and medication management
  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Methods of appropriate communication
  • Money management
  • Personal grooming and hygiene
  • Sexual awareness and appropriateness
  • Understanding of self and abilities
  • Identifying, planning and providing the supports a person needs to achieve and maintain employment
What Topics are Covered?

PSAT services provide a comprehensive plan utilizing instructional classroom activities in small groups or individual instruction and may address:

  • Community field trips
  • Decision-making in daily life activities
  • Exercising informed choice
  • Knowledge about the rights and responsibilities associated with employment
  • Personal and social skills
  • Problem-solving and resource utilization, including adaptive equipment
  • Work attitudes and skills exploration

Why Choose MTBM for Personal and Social Adjustment Training Services?

MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC is a passionate team of certified rehabilitation counselors, employment consultants and job coaches. We are equipped to offer training for personal and social skills to individuals with disabilities. We are a local group that is dedicated to enabling individuals to join this community’s economy. Our highly educated, trained and dedicated professionals are accustomed to, prepared for and enthusiastic about finding and executing a solution that will guide you or a loved one into the workforce. Employability is our top priority, and we are a resource for you that will enable you to have professional success.

Contact MTBM for PSAT Services

Our mission is to prepare, enable and encourage individuals to work as their skills and abilities allow. MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants is a team of highly trained, educated and passionate professionals who are committed to finding an individualized solution to your needs. Our services are conducted at our Decatur office or – depending on needs – at a nearby location of your convenience.

Do you have questions? Don’t worry – that’s normal. To learn more about our services or how we can help you or a loved one, contact MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants today at 800-482-1846 or . We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping with your professional desires.

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