Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Profiles

Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Profiles

Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Profiles

Vocational Rehab

Understanding yourself, abilities and interests are the first steps to realizing what your professional role could be. At MTBM Global Rehab Consultants, we provide a resource that enables individuals to find their professional niche while contributing in a productive and bountiful way. The rehabilitation professionals of MTBM are advocates for those in our community who are disabled. Our services are designed to enable people with disabilities to enter the workforce in an area, capacity and position that meets their cognitive, sensory and physical needs. This service has three different areas of focus: limited vocational evaluation, comprehensive evaluation and comprehensive vocational profile.

Limited Vocational Evaluation

A limited vocational evaluation is time-limited and measures an individual’s strengths and identifies areas of need. The range of this evaluation can be from a limited assessment of skills and abilities to an assessment for a specific training program or vocational objective. The limited vocational evaluation is a method of assessing an individual’s aptitudes, interests and academic levels to develop realistic vocational goals and training objectives.


Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

The comprehensive vocational evaluation service provides an individualized and systematic process in that an individual, in partnership with the evaluator, learns to identify viable vocational options and develop employment goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive vocational evaluation service consists of a process that uses a combination of the following practices:
  • Accommodations
  • Assistive technology
  • Community-based job tryouts
  • Functional capacities
  • Modifications
  • Occupational information
  • Prevailing labor market data
  • Situational assessments
  • Testing
  • Work samples
Vocational evaluation is a specific process that involves the assessment of a person's work-related characteristics, which areapplicable for education and training to obtain and maintain employment. It includes a comprehensive review of specific work characteristics, including but not limited to the following traits).
  • General intelligence
  • Occupational interests
  • Physical capacities
  • Range of motion
  • Specific job skills
  • Strength
  • Temperaments
  • Worker traits
  • Additional work-related functions and aptitudes
Additionally, situational factors also play an important role in vocational rehabilitation needs and employment outcomes. Such factors could include medical, psychiatric, psychological, cultural, social, recreational, vocational, educational and environmental needs.

Comprehensive Vocational Profile

Ideal for certain individuals, a comprehensive vocational profile is an in-depth evaluation of a client who is unable to fully benefit from a limited or comprehensive vocational evaluation. The comprehensive vocational profile provides effective job matching recommendations without relying on traditional measurement instruments. This method provides evaluation results that do not rely on standardized or conventional testing methods.

The profile is used to provide information about the strengths, preferences, needs and barriers of the client, which is a benefit when these are not evident given the severity of the disability. This evaluation provides detailed information related to the client’s activities of daily living, emotional functioning, independent living needs, and accommodations for home and work.

Contact MTBM for Vocational Profile and Evaluation Services

Our mission is to prepare, enable and encourage individuals to work as their skills and abilities allow. MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants is a team of highly trained, educated and passionate professionals who are committed to finding an individualized solution to your needs. Our vocational profile and evaluation services are conducted at our Decatur office or – depending on needs – at a nearby location of your convenience.

Do you have questions? Don’t worry – that’s normal. To learn more about our services or how we can help you or a loved one, contact MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants today at 800-482-1846 or . We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping with your professional desires.

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